Claudio Marino

Focus set to
visual storytelling

Artax Film was founded in 2014 by Creative Director Claudio Marino with the firm goal to explore his interest in peripheral culture through professional film production. Together with cinematographer Maciej Ustarbowski (Art Magos), he created his first short documentary ’Ink, Blood and Spirit’, a personal success that earned him several prizes.

During the next two years, the duo followed up with ’Fight, Blood and Spirit’ and ’Music, Blood and Spirit’, completing a trilogy that established Artax' thematic spectrum. After agreeing on going separate ways, Claudio realized several music videos while collaborating with Martin Eriksson, eventually having another film festival hit with the arthouse-oriented documentary ‘Cold Void’ in 2017.

Shortly afterwards he travelled to Poland for his biggest project to date: ‘Adam the Apostate,’ a feature-format documentary about the front man of Behemoth, all the while continuing to produce more music videos.

Ever onwards.